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Gerald Locklin

I had some very nice comments on Sam’s book from Gerry Locklin,
I’ll add a page for reviews now, trying to learn how to design this blog…

”Your edition of Sam’s book may be the most beautiful (perfect)
limited edition chap I’ve ever seen.  No wonder you wanted to start
your own press, with the total aesthetic control it gives you.
And every chap of mine you’ve ever worked with has been infinitely
enhanced by your artistic contribution.

And Sam’s poems are just right: genuine, clearly heartfelt personal
lyricism, tastefully and economically expressed.  You two really did
each other right with this creation—there is a perfect symmetry of
tone, music, and line in the art, design, and sentences.  I can’t seem
to get away from the words “perfect” and “perfectly.”  Your efforts
simply coincided in a flawlessly visual-musical voice.
Chamber music!

I can only congratulate you without reservation. But I think the two of
you are such superior craftsmen that you must sense what you have
accomplished here.