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Medusa’s Kitchen – review of Bird Effort

The blog Medusa’s Kitchen from Rattlesnake Press in Sacramento has this review today, April 10.

By Ronald Baatz
Kamini Press
Ringvagen 8, 4th Floor
SE-117 26 Stockholm, Sweden
Limited to 225, 125 signed and numbered.

The poetry of Ronald Baatz sings with unparalleled beauty, and Bird Effort is one of the best examples of that song. I like Baatz’s work. He tends to draw the reader into his voice, and, once inside, you cannot help but become part of the song that he sings. Kamini Press’s edition of Bird Effort is smooth and stylistic, too. I highly recommend that the reader of this review go out of his or her way and secure a copy of it. Trust me, you won’t regret the purchase.

—B.L. Kennedy, Reviewer-in-Residence