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Glenn W. Cooper | Some Natural Things


poems by Glenn W. Cooper

32 pages of poetry, mini-chapbook format, in wraps. Cover artwork by Henry Denander. First edition of 100 copies, all signed by the poet. This is the first title from Kamini Press and the first book in the Kamini Press Poetry Series.Please click the cover to enlarge.

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Glenn Cooper lives in Tamworth, Australia and for many years he’s been widely published in the small press and beyond. This is Glenn Cooper’s sixth book of poetry.

GERALD LOCKLIN says: I have thought very highly of Glenn Cooper’s work for many years, he’s a throwback to the glory days of the Wormwood Review. A first-rate poet in the debut of a very attractive new series.

ANN MENEBROKER says: Glenn Cooper’s poems are a walking companion in the rain. Something to think about under an umbrella. The poems are reflective of our losses, but also include the humor that grows like a palm tree in the snow. Glenn is ever the student, contemplating the forces of life which we have no control over. He says it best himself, the poignant need to write about “the small pleasures, just to make life beautiful.” And he does.

DAVID BARKER says: I highly recommend Glenn Cooper’s SOME NATURAL THINGS. A light touch, deep resonance. He writes about rain better than anyone I’ve ever read. As if rain was his dead sister. A beautifully designed little book that reads like a big book.

ADRIAN MANNING says: Congratulations on the first Kamini Press publication. The chapbook itself is beautiful – a top class publication, and the poetry from Glenn Cooper is fantastic. I recommend it to anyone.

JEFFREY WEINBERG says: A fantastic book…Fine poetry..Gorgeous design and print job.

T.K.SPLAKE says: …the cooper poem “gravy” is one of the best writings I can remember in the past long while…

STEVENALLENMAY of Plan B Press writes on his blog: The beauty of this blog is when I happen across the “globalization” effect of small presses, take for example the new small press out of Sweden Kamini Press. Poet/artist and now publisher Henry Denander has created a new line of finely made chapbooks. One of the first is by Australian poet Glenn Cooper. His poetry is well written. The chapbook is very handsome indeed. Cover art by publisher, overall completely worth checking out.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN at The Guild of Outsider Writers: Sparse, rainy day influenced poems. In ‘The Sandy Bottom Exposed,’ Cooper makes the correlation between the health of a local river and the health of the community: “the old timers say the river has never looked so bad/so sick/and the crime rate is up around here too/ so maybe there’s some truth to what Jung says.”

These poems are more philosophical than whimsical and not asking to be taken lightly, as many nature poems I have read prior to this I am more likely to skip over for stating the obvious; but not these, he writes about the real natural world, ecology, and the affect on his psyche and his relationships. He reflects on the fragility and also the overwhelming power of nature, sometimes told through the experience of watching a small child, as in ‘Four Year Old Collecting Eggs.’

These are beautiful poems that never get bogged down by over-sentimentality, many poems dealing with the topics of love, nature, fragility and getting older. Highly recommended.


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